About Us

About Us 

Based in the beautiful Scottish Borders Katie rears free range corn fed chickens on a very small scale. All of the chickens are slow growing to ensure they reach full maturity and develop strong bones for a healthy and happy life. 

The chickens are completely non-medicated as there is no need for it due to the very low stocking density and small batches which are reared. 

When the time comes, all of the chickens are processed on farm by Katie herself to ensure the welfare and quality of the chickens is maintained throughout the process. This also means there is no stressful lengthy journeys to abattoirs and excess handling. This also reduces the food miles as they only travel a few hundred yards.

Where it all began

Katie started Pasture Poultry in October 2019 when she noticed a lack of quality free range chicken on the market for consumers and thought something needed to be done to give the humble chicken a new image. From a young age Katie has been feather daft so starting her own poultry business at the age of 24 was a dream come true and she looked forward to the hard work afoot. 

With the vison that the clock should be turned back on chicken production, Katie rears all her chickens "the old fashioned way" with the birds scratching in the mud, grazing on grass, eating a natural slowing growing diet and most importantly being able bodied chooks to play and interact with their flock mates.

Is it all worth it? 

 Alot of customers are amazed that the chickens don't shrink in the oven for starters! No Pasture Poultry chickens are injected with brine and water or are gas flushed, meaning the final product is as natural and true as it can be. 

Customers also love the darker meat, fuller flavour, crispy skin and tremendous fat cover ensuring you will never have to eat another dry chicken. 

With having a background in commercial broiler production, large scale food production and animal feed quality assurance, Katie feels very strongly about transparency and traceability for consumers. Katie always tells her customers to never be afraid to ask her any questions as she is not absent at any point in the process.